Elvish, Not Only Fans, and Public APIs


What is Streamr? 

The Streamr Network is being built to provide a decentralized real-time messaging protocol for Web 3.0. The Network is a decentralized, topic-based publish-subscribe messaging system. When building on Streamr, dApp developers no longer have to rely on centralized services for message transport. The network serves as a seamless plug-and-play solution that connects to the data economy. 

Participate in the Streamr Brubeck Testnets and earn rewards

Over 4000 nodes are participating in the Streamr Network globally in its current testnet phase, Brubeck, and you can get involved too! Contribute your idle bandwidth and run a node in the Streamr Brubeck Testnets to earn rewards. There are 2M DATA tokens up for grabs!

If you want to participate and earn rewards in DATA, visit this link to learn how to get started. Streamr Brubeck Testnet 2 is going live on Thursday, September the 16th. There will be a new version of the Streamr Broker node software available ahead of Testnet 2 so to stay up to date with the latest developments on the Streamr Network Brubeck Testnets, follow Streamr on Twitter and Discord.

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public-apis is a collective list of free APIs for use in software and web development.

stars: 156157, watchers: 3473, forks: 17715, issues: 42

last commit: September 11, 2021, first commit: March 20, 2016


Elvish is an expressive programming language and a versatile interactive shell, combined into one seamless package.

language: Go, stars: 4458, watchers: 114, forks: 260, issues: 258

last commit: September 11, 2021, first commit: June 14, 2013


not-only-fans is an open source, self-hosted digital content subscription platform like “” with cryptocurrency payment.

language: PHP, stars: 189, watchers: 4, forks: 24, issues: 0

last commit: August 28, 2021, first commit: August 25, 2021

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An Interview With Easy Chen of Not Only Fans

Hey Easy! Thanks for joining us! Let’s start with your background. Where have you worked in the past, where are you from, how did you learn how to program, what languages or frameworks do you like?

我之前在新浪公司(它运营着微博)做过工程师和产品经理,后来回重庆(一个相当赛博朋克的中国城市)做独立开发和开源。我在初中的时候就接触到了BASIC,后来学了C语言,并一心想用它编写游戏。但到大学以后遇到互联网,就「移情别恋」到Web开发了。我最熟悉的语言是 PHP 和 JavaScript,喜欢的框架是 React 和 Laravel。Vue3,Go 和 Rust 我觉得也很不错,已经在学习清单上了。

I previously worked as an engineer and product manager at Sina (which runs before returning to Chongqing (a rather cyberpunk Chinese city 

 ) as an independent developer. I was introduced to BASIC in middle school, then learned C and had my heart set on coding games in it. But when I encountered the Internet in college, I "moved on" to web development. The languages I'm most familiar with are PHP and JavaScript, and the frameworks I like are React and Laravel. Vue3, Go and Rust, which I think are great, are on my list.

Why was Not Only Fans started?

最初是因为大概一两年前中国的内容平台修改版权协议引发创作者不满,我觉得他们应该有一个自己架设的、用于和自己粉丝交流的网站。Mastodon 是一个很不错的项目,但没有专栏和投稿功能,另外在本地化和支付方面也不是很适合中国用户。于是我决定自己用业余时间写一个更符合需求的平台,但后来发现工作量比我想象的要大,一直断断续续的写着。直到最近读到了Only Fans的报道,觉得类似的事情还会不断出现,于是赶工完成了一个早期版本,并开源了出来。

About a year or two ago, China's content platforms revise copyright agreements, sparking discontent among creators. I thought they should have an own website they could set up to communicate with their followers.

Mastodon was a great project, but it didn't have a column or submission feature, and it wasn't well suited for Chinese users in terms of localization and payment. So I decided to write a platform more in line with the needs in my spare time, but then I realized that the workload was bigger than I thought and I kept writing it on and off. Until recently I read about Only Fans and thought something like this would keep coming up, so I rushed to finish an early version with cryptocurrency payments and open sourced it.

Where did the name for Not Only Fans come from?

Not Only Fans 的名字受启发于 Not Hotdog,只是为了好玩。作为一个Self-Hosted的平台,它的名字并没有太多机会面对最终用户,因为搭建者会换成自己的名称和品牌。

The name Not Only Fans was inspired by Not Hotdog ( 

 ), just for fun. As a self-hosted platform, its name doesn't have much chance to face the end user, as the builder will change to its own name and brand after hosting.

Are there any overarching goals of Not Only Fans that drive design or implementation?


NOF is concerned with all creators. The rise of big platforms, on the one hand, provides traffic for individual creators, and on the other hand, takes away the control. NOF doesn't want to and can't replace platforms, it just wants to provide an alternative, and at least one more weight to the possible game between creators and platforms. In the long run, I hope that NOF will eventually become a WordPress-like product in its own domain. Frankly, I'm not sure if the demand it's geared towards is strong enough, as self-hosted and cryptocurrency are both not a low bar.

What was the most surprising thing you learned while working on Not Only Fans?

大概是我这两天发现的 —— 我们的用户很可能不需要智能合约分账,而需要一个简单的支持更多加密货币的支付界面。

Probably what I discovered in the last couple of days - our users probably don't need smart contracts, but rather a simple payment interface that supports more cryptocurrencies.

Is Not Only Fans intended to eventually be monetized if it isn’t monetized already?

我希望NOF能像WordPress一样保持开源和免费,但也许可以通过提供 Cloud hosting 来获取一部分收益支持项目发展。我暂时只能以 side project 的方式来维护 NOF,如果能有收益的话,我就可以分出更多精力用在它上边。

I hope NOF will remain open source and free like WordPress, but maybe I can get some revenue to support the project by providing cloud hosting. I can only maintain NOF as a side project for now, but if I can get some revenue, I can spare more time for it.

Are there any other projects besides Not Only Fans that you’re working on?

我现在的主要精力用在开发 上,它是一个用 markdown 和 tailwind 「写」视频的工具。我偶尔也做一点设计,比如我刚刚开源了HTTP状态码T恤( )。

I'm working on recently, it's a tool for "writing" videos in markdown and tailwind. I also occasionally do a little design work, like the HTTP status code t-shirt I just open sourced (

What is one question you would like to ask another open-source developer that I didn’t ask you?

我想问问开源项目的开发者们是如何面向全球宣传产品和寻找合作伙伴的,这个问题让身在中国的我很困扰。因此也非常感谢 console 提供和大家交流的机会。

I'd like to ask developers of open source projects how they promote their products and find partners globally, a question that bothers me in China. And so thanks a lot to Console for the opportunity to talk to you all.

I've been curious about this as well myself.  I would like to get more Chinese readers for the newsletter, but for some reason that's been more difficult for me than I would have expected. I don't think the language barrier fully explains this phenomenon.  But, also, as far as I can tell, Asia and the West tend to hang out in different places on the Internet.  For example, I recently checked out v2ex, which I'd never heard of before.  Anyway, because of this, I have no idea where to go looking for more Chinese readers, and I'm sure you face the same problem with your software.

It's true that habits are different, newsletters are less popular among Chinese developers, tech portals and WeChat are more popular. So Chinese developers usually post technical articles to multiple sites after writing them, and even have apps and browser plugins developed for this purpose (like wechatsync and artipub) The Console interview is quite interesting, maybe it could be posted to v2ex.