“What is Console?” you ask?

Console is a free weekly round-up of open-source projects. It’s all about free, useful, innovative software, and the developers that are dedicating their precious time to creating and maintaining it.

Each week we cover a new open-source project and the developer behind it. The developers always have interesting insights about technology trends, how they learned to code, how others can learn to code, and the resources they use to stay up to date on software.

To give you a little taste, here are some of the projects we’ve covered so far:

FastAPI -> today we had Sebastian on to discuss how he went from Colombia to Dubai, and eventually Germany after teaching himself how to code, and how he now gets to work on his own open-source project FastAPI full-time.

TabFS -> and how Omar was inspired by Plan9 to create a browser extension that mounts your browser tabs as a filesystem.

Project Lightspeed -> and how Garrett got an interview at Amazon and landed a job at Mux off of the traction that Project Lightspeed received.

GUN -> and how Mark is trying to build a more egalitarian future through his decentralized technology.

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